West of Loathing – Stripey Hat Gang Quest Guide


Stripey Hat Gang Quest Guide

A Step-by-Step Guide to complete The Stripey Hat Gang Quest.
Pick the WASTED poster on the right hand side.


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Travel to Cavern Canyon and take the cavern on the left marked with a DANGER! SPIDER sign.




Opening one of the crates will trigger the spider’s appearance, I chose the one marked with WEAPENS but any will work.




Exit the first cavern and enter the one in the middle using your crowbar to remove the boards. This item is available even if you skip the tutorial.




Take the passage to the right.




Look at the junk on the right, leave the junk room.




Open the door with the deadbolts.


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Leave the second cavern and attempt to enter the one on the right.




You find your bounty bound in silk and offering no resistance.




Loot the bar for booze and a Jaw Harp, and free the cook in the kitchen to get a Hot Dog shop in town. Interact with the Gang to return to jail.



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