White Noise 2 Creature Abilities and Stats Guide



Creature Abilities
The Creature has four basic abilities that they all share, they are:

Teleport: Teleport to a random location on the map. This is generally useless since unless you get lucky you’ll spawn far away from the investigators. At best it can be used a fail safe. If you’ve been stunned and there’s no way you can possibly catch up to the investigators, use it as a to get back into the game quicker instead of wasting time. Do NOT use this tactic when playing as Olkoth, as it makes Rancor useless.

Compass: Functions exactly the same as the Compass does on the Investigators. The only difference is that it leads you to the investigator with the lowest Stealth instead of to the nearest Clue. This will be your main tool in tracking down the Investigators and is the most useful ability early game, although late game the power of it is null if they’ve got to break the sigils since then you can see their outlines anyway.

Red means the nearest Investigator is far, yellow means the nearest Investigator is moderately far, blue means the Investigator is close, and a blue circle means the Investigator is in the general area, but at that point you’ll probably see their outline anyway unless they’ve got their flashlight off.

Sprint: Unlike it’s counterpart, Teleport, Sprint is a very useful ability. This is mostly used for map traversal rather than ambushing since it automatically cancels if you get too close to an investigator, although it’s silent so you won’t give away your position when it does. Don’t use this if you think you’re about to get stunned by light as it will cancel the speed boost and will force you to recharge it again to use it.

Summon Idol: Going to an area with the white outline of an Idol will allow you to summon one in that location, this has no cooldown so as long as you find places to put idols you can place them as much as you want with no penalty, beware that it takes a little while to summon one though, so that’s more time for the investigators to find clues, so spamming a bunch of these may waste too much of your time.

Creature Stats
Horror: Modifies how much Sanity Investigators lose when they stare at you, or when staring at sanity draining creature powers (that drain Sanity by 10% per point).

Perception: Modifies the base distance of which you can see an outline on an Investigator when they are running, or when their flashlight is ON. This is especially useful against high Stealth Investigators.

Speed: Modifies your base movement speed and Sprint power speed.

Light Resistance: Modifies how much speed you lose when you’re exposed to any light source and modifies the time before you’re banished when you’ve been dazzled/stunned by the flashlight of an investigator.

Skill Usage: Modifies the cooldown of all of your Creature powers.

Idol Influence: Modifies the Range and Horror of your Idols.

Strength: Modifies the time before an Investigator you’ve caught is devoured. This doesn’t change the time as much as Vitality does.


(Unofficial, these just rate certain aspects of x feature on the Creature.)

Difficulty: How hard it is to use the Creature effectively

Skill Ceiling: How strong a Creature is assuming you have over 100 hours in the game and are a professional.)

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