White Noise 2 Investigator Items Guide



Investigator Items
There are a variety of items the investigators can find and use on the map while in game. Every item may only be used once and they take a certain amount of time to be picked up and used. (The time to pick up and use them varies depending on which item you’re using, and if you’re playing Iker or Maria, who both have traits that change the time to pick up/use items.)


The Transmitter




The Transmitter is a radio-like device. When used it will show you the exact position of the nearest clue. It will outline the nearest clue in blue, and will flicker depending on how far you are from the tape. Keep in mind that there is a maximum detection range, so if you’re outside that range you will not see the clue. But this is very rare in normal gameplay to have this occur since the range is huge.

The outline of the tape looks like:




The Painkillers




Painkillers are a very good item. They have the second fastest use time out of all of the items, and when used will instantly restore some of your maximum Sanity back to you, give you a temporary Bravery boost, and will remove any progress you might’ve had towards going insane. (If you have the white static on your screen it will instantly be removed upon eating the painkillers.)



The Medkit




The medkit is the most valuable item in the game. It has the longest use time out of any items, but when used will restore a life back to you. These are preferably used when next to a tape so just in case the monster makes a move you’ll be safe. There are 2 medkits that spawn on the map.



The Statuette




The Statuette, when used will be placed on the ground. When placed on the ground messes with the monster’s ability to track you by making itself the monster’s compass target, and removing the monster’s ability to see outlines. Beware that like Olkoth’s decoy ability this thing has a limited range, and outside that range it will not be effective. Although the range itself is quite large so it will never be a waste to place one of these down.

Please note that the Statuette has the second longest use time, being behind the medkit. The only thing the creature can see when within the Statuette’s effective range is the Statuette itself, anything else will NOT have an outline at all.

The Statuette when placed:





The Incense




The Incense is an item that upon use will show you the location of the monster, no matter where, no matter when. Unlike the Radio the Incense’s outline on the monster does not flicker and has an unlimited range.


The Flashbang




A very unique item, and the only real weapon the investigators have to fight back, the Flashbang is an offensive item and the only item in the game that has an instant use time. Upon usage, your character will throw a flashbang in an arc similar to that of a lightstick, albeit at half the range. It has a 2ish second fuse and upon exploding will instantly banish the creature if it’s within the flashbang’s effective range.

The range in question is exceptionally large, being able to banish the creature even if it’s behind you when you threw it. A general rule of thumb is just throw it in the general direction of the creature’s body, and it should get the creature 100% of the time if aimed and thrown properly. There are only 4 flashbangs on the map.


The Energy Bar




The Energy bar shares many similar characteristics with the Painkillers. Upon usage, your maximum Speed and Endurance will be marginally boosted for a time. The use time of the Energy Bar is the fastest in the game, being just slightly faster than that of the Painkillers, so using them in a chase is viable.

It is believed to boost your Endurance and Speed by a % of your base Endurance and Speed, although this is currently unconfirmed. For now, just use it when you’re being chased and it’ll help you out significantly. I recommend you use it when the creature has just been stunned.


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