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White Noise 2 Monster Strategy Guide


Here are some good monster strategies.



1. (All)Be Aggressive:

If you are new or want a quick victory using your compass and instantly heading in the investigator’s direction whenever you are forced to teleport away is by far the easiest and most successful way to kill all the investigators. The only downside is that it is considered to be “cheap,” so I suggest not overuse this.


2. (Olkoth)Decoys+Idols=Profit:

Putting Decoys near idols can “persuade” some investigators to run to the idol, giving away their position in the process and making them waste precious time in the process. This is better suited to enclosed areas, so they may think it is not a trap.


3. Changing position:(Olkoth)

If they know which way you’re going to be coming from, the best strategy is to go invisible and move to a different flank to catch them off guard. Just be careful not to walk into any light sources on your way to flank them overwise; they will know you have moved.


4. Damaging the Investigators:(All)

A good strategy is to nearly kill an investigator, so they have one hit left and then go for a different investigator. This makes it harder in the short run but easier in the long run because it means they cannot take out any idols until very late in the game, and it makes the investigators rush a lot more, leading to them giving away their positions more, which means that you have more opportunities to devour the investigators.


5. Playing Mind Games:(All)

It can be a good idea to play mind games with the investigators to make them think you are always around the corner.

An example of one is with Olkoth by turning off their flashlights even if you are nowhere near them (do not do this when you have just teleported away as they will know it was a mind game.)


6. Spam Idols:(All)

Idols are great to Disorient Investigators and give away their position, and teleporting around and getting as many idols up as possible before you start chasing can be a great way to force the investigators to either give away their position or take the long route around the idol. This is a great early game strategy but becomes less useful when you kill an Investigators.


7. Camping Tapes:(All)

Camping tapes can be an ok strategy if you want to catch Investigators off-guard and give them a good scare depending on how you do it. They can be good if it is the last tape. Still, I would not recommend doing this as Investigators might not even come anywhere near you until the end of the game. As soon as they pick up the tape, you are instantly banished, and if it’s the last tape, they will probably be more likely to flash you than run away then pick up the tape. In conclusion, if you want to win, do not use this strategy.


8:Lights Out!:(All)

The easiest way to catch one of the investigators is to get close to them and turn off their flashlights. Using this method will almost always allow you to get one of the Investigators if your close enough but is unlikely to give you any insta-kills on Investigators that are not one hit.


9. Ambush:(Rusalka)

Rusalka’s ambush is a great way to get to the investigators quickly. Still, it is best used after she is forcefully teleported away by the investigators as they will hear her do it but could catch an unsuspecting investigator off-guard.


10.UnFazed:(Subject 23)

Subject 23’s Unfazed ability allows him to catch the investigators without worrying that he will be forcefully teleported away while the ability is active. This is best used to quickly attack the investigators when they are grouped up, as you can come around a corner and attack an investigator. This ability can be used with Scarecrow to lure the investigators towards your position.


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