White Noise 2 Olkoth Guide







Light Resistance: 5/10 (Standard)

Speed: 5/10 (Standard)

Idol Influence: 5/10 (Standard)

Perception: 5/10 (Standard)

Skill Usage: 5/10 (Standard)

Horror: 5/10 (Standard)

Strength: 5/10 (Standard)




Stigma: Investigators that have been caught and survive have their speed permanently decreased by 10%. (Doesn’t stack with multiple grabs.)

Rancor: Your skills are instantly recharged by 20% when you are banished by any Investigator.




Shutdown: All flashlights will be disabled for a time period of 10 seconds. This effect is canceled immediately as soon as an Investigator is grabbed. The time of which an investigator has had their light disabled is altered by Stealth.

Decoy: Places a decoy that sounds like a tape and is treated like a clue on the Compass until destroyed by either a ghost or an alive investigator.

Invisibility: Become invisible and immune to light, but makes a large noise on cloaking and uncloaking and automatically deactivates when getting too close to an investigator or doing another action.







Mudman: +1 Skill Usage, -1 Light Resistance:

It’s pretty good, you might get caboosed more, but you can spam decoys and the shutdown power significantly more frequently.




Rotten: +1 Light Resistance, -1 Perception:

Probably his strongest skin, the increase in Light Resistance considerably outweighs the loss of Perception. It might take a little longer to find the investigators, especially on indoor maps, but when you do it’s just that much harder for them to escape you.




Half Orc: +1 Strength, -1 Idol Influence:

It’s his worst skin. It’s only use is with the Coven idols, and even then Carved 23 is better at pulling that off. It’s a better idea to just use Mudman or Rotten to be honest.



About Olkoth: Olkoth has set the standard for basic monster gameplay. He’s got the most basic arsenal, but by no means is he weak. He’s the worst out of all the creatures in terms of Perception, but that’s only because he’s average, Resulka and Subject 23 are just REALLY good at tracking.

He’s easy to learn, but hard to master. His traits are very beginner friendly, and so are his powers, being useful in novice and veteran play. Ultimately, Olkoth easily fills the role of being the jack of all trades and the master of none, since he’s easy to learn, hard to master, and is good at both rushdown and tape defence when played properly, even if he’s weaker at both of those individually.

Olkoth’s stats, traits, and powers: Olkoth has the most boring stats, having standard in everything, at least his outfits spice him up a lot. There’s not much to say about his stats, just that he has standard in everything. Now, lets get onto his powers, which are much less boring.

Easily the best power in the game, Shutdown is the big “free grab” skill. It disables the flashlights of all investigators for a limited time, which forces them to suck up the 20% movement speed penalty, and means you can’t be stunned. The investigators can still use lightsticks though, so watch out for that. This is best used when you’re about to go in to get a grab with little difficulty.

This pairs well with Stigma since it reduces the speed of an Investigator with it by 30%, which is quite punishing. However, remember that Sarah doesn’t lose Speed when her flashlight is off, making Shutdown considerably weaker against her.

Invisibility is definitely Olkoth’s weakest power. Although it may sound broken as balls strong being immune to light and all, as soon as you get within 7ish meters of an investigator you make an extremely loud noise and uncloak, which will cause many players who know how to play the game well to immediately turn around and stun you.

This power works best on newbies that don’t know what the sound cue means and thus, won’t turn around, and it’s also good if you need to reposition past some lightstick without making noise.

Decoy has the highest skill cap of any creature power in the game. A well placed one will buy you 2 minutes of time where the investigators are doing nothing, where as a badly placed one will have them either avoid it altogether, being a waste, or just being destroyed by a guard that rushed ahead. It’s good especially if you place them in common clue spawn points since then the investigators won’t suspect a thing until the last moment.

Olkoth’s Playstyle: Ultimately, it’s mostly a balance between rushdown and tape defence. You can do both equally well, and although you aren’t as good at tracking as Resulka or Subject 23 are, and you aren’t as good at rushdown as Resulka is, nor as good at tape defence than Subject 23, a mixed playstyle with a bit of both fits Olkoth well.

In the end Olkoth is a solid monster that sets the standard for creature gameplay, and is a great starter character for monster players, so use him if you like him, or don’t if you don’t.



Recommended builds:

Rotten skin + Bark:

You take forever to be banished with a couple Idols up, this is definitely the easiest Olkoth build to use since it doesn’t require you to know how to place decoys properly, I’d definitely recommend this as a beginner build.

Mudman skin + Blister:

You can stall out the game for a very long time with reduced Exploration, and if you know how to place decoys in good place the only thing you really have to fear is an Iker + Vincent combo.

Mudman skin + Pustule:

You can spam decoys and shutdown like no tomorrow, pretty good build in general, anyone who’s knows good Decoy placement will find a lot of success with this build.

Half Orc + Coven:

You’re better off just using Carved 23 + Coven, but it’s alright if you really want to use it. I wouldn’t recommend it over Carved 23 + Coven though.

Difficulty: 3/10: He’s the second easiest. The fact that he has no weaknesses unless you choose a skin means he’s easy to learn, and the fact that there’s no effort require to get the most out of your traits and your powers (Besides Decoy) means that he isn’t hard.

Skill Ceiliing: 8/10: He’s pretty strong, a smart Olkoth can delay games for a long time with Decoy, and punishes even one mistake with Stigma, which usually ends in an investigator death since Stigma and a Shutdown is VERY difficult to escape.


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