White Noise 2 Subject 23 Guide






Subject 23



Horror: 6/10 (High) (+1)

Speed: 6/10 (High) (+1)

Perception: 7/10 (Very High) (+2)

Skill Usage: 4/10 (Low) (-1)

Light Resistance: 3/10 (Very low) (-2)

Strength: 6/10 (High) (+1)

Idol Influence: 3/10 (Very Low) (-2)




Summoner: The delay before your powers are used and idols are summoned is decreased by 33%

Ancestral: You cannot be slowed or stunned by light at all when immobile and further away than 5m from any Investigator.




Unfazed: For a limited duration you are unable to be stunned, athough light will still slow you.

Scarecrow: Places a copy of yourself that will explode when an Investigator gets too close, which temporarily highlight them to you and massively decrease their sanity while they’re highlighted. How long this effect lasts depends on Stealth of the investigator.

Prescience: Teleports to the location of a compass target of an investigator, this is influenced by the Stealth stat of said investigator.







Carved: +1 Strength, -1 Horror:

It’s meh. The fact that you exchange Horror for Strength is kind of bad. It nerfs his tape defence a bit, and the Strength isn’t useful unless you’re playing against low Vitality investigators. It’s just alright with the Coven idol, but that’s all you can use it with.




Raw: +1 Horror, -1 Light Resistance:

Even though your Light Resistance sucks balls your Horror is so high that the only investigator that can afford to stare at you is Anne Marie. This makes 23 very strong at tape defence, just don’t get stunned.




Golem: +1 Light Resistance, -1 Speed:

If you want to be an Olkoth wannabe, this is the skin for you. It helps 23’s Light Resistance a bit, and gives him the Speed of Olkoth. This skin is notably good with the Bark idol.




Troglodyte: +1 Speed, -1 Skill Usage:

The high Speed makes it look appealing, but really it’s bad. But the fact that you’re nerfing 23’s already bad Skill Usage means it’s difficult to keep pressure on the investigators or camp tapes because your Compass and Scarecrows take a while to recharge.


About Subject 23: Subject 23 is without a doubt the most difficult monster to play in the game. He’s more focused on tape defence than being aggressive, and it sucks being stunned since you don’t have much Light Resistance unless you use Golem, and your Speed isn’t very high like Resulka to help you catch up to the Investigators.

He’s difficult to use, but he’s the best at killing the Sanity of the Investigators since his Horror is higher than standard, and with Raw it makes staring in general just brutal. His powers are strong, but difficult to use.


Subject 23’s Stats, Traits, and Powers: He’s got some weird stats. He has good Speed but terrible Light Resistance, good Perception but the worst Skill Usage out of any creature in the game. He also has good Strength, but that’s mostly just a footnote in his arsenal rather than a weapon unless you’re playing against a Vincent. His Horror can make investigators go mad, and it’s harsh on Jean Luc or Iker, especially with the Raw skin.

His traits are alright, but unless you used in conjuction with powers they’re kind of meh. Ancestral does sound broken strong, but any guard worth his salt WILL be able to rush you and get within that 5m and then get away with no injury. This is best used in conjunction with Scarecrows and/or Unfazed since you can make yourself look like a Scarecrow and then rush them with Unfazed up. This is also strong against any caboose since it makes their Range useless and since they won’t have the high speed of a guard they won’t be able to rush you.

Summoner is very very nice. It allows you to spam Idols very quickly, and allows you to rush with Unfazed very easily. In general it’s a solid power, and you will notice the benefit of it at all times and may help you get an Unfazed up before a Guard rushes you. It’s not a game changer, but it’s nice to have.

Now, let’s get onto his powers. Unfazed is his strongest power, since being unable to be stunned makes it difficult for any low mobility investigators to escape since they have to survive a much longer chase, and in general a prolonged chase will ALWAYS favor the creature over the investigator. This is good if you’re close to the investigators to give them even less of a window to escape.

Scarecrow is probably Subject 23’s most difficult power to use. It spawns a copy of him that drains Sanity when looked at, and absolutely bombs the Sanity of any investigator that gets near it and also highlights them to you, which is a strong counter to stealth splits, beware though that it can be disarmed if the investigators turn their light off and gets close. This is also good if you want to place a couple in one room and then camp it while looking at an odd angle since it’s an instant Sanity bomb if they rush in, giving you a free grab.

Prescience is basically 23’s big “easy track” power since teleporting to the next clue the investigators will go for makes them easy to find. This also somewhat negates Stealth, but not nearly as much as Resulka’s Ambush does. With good players this will allow you to be on them almost all of the time, but newer players may wander a bit so it may take a while for them to come to you. Try not to spam this too much since experienced investigators will come to expect it, and then counter it by rushing the tape before you can ambush them.

Subject 23’s playstyle: Ultimately it’s mostly tape defence unless you choose the Golem skin. Don’t be too aggressive unless you know you’re going to get a grab, and don’t try to rush in, try to mindgame them a bit until your Unfazed charges up and then get aggressive, but otherwise direct confrontation is difficult for 23 unless you’ve got a trick up your sleeve.



Recommended Builds:

Raw Skin + Pustule:

This is 23’s best tape defence build. The Raw skin gives better Horror, and Pustule means you’ll be able to use your Scarecrows to fill a room faster. This is his best build for experienced players.

Golem Skin + Bark:

This is 23’s best build for beginners. Get some Bark idols up, and then rush the investigators with Unfazed, pretty easy, decently effective, and not hard to do at all.

Troglodyte + Fungus:

You move really fast when in the vincity of one of your idols, and paired with Unfazed you just might pull some cheesy grabs. Thorns is also a substitute for this if you don’t have the Fungus build unlocked.

Carved + Coven: The king of Strength builds, Carved + Coven kills investigators somewhat faster than normal, and with a little luck you just might land a OHKO. Overall you’re the weakest out of all 23 builds in a showdown, but the chance for a OHKO just might be worth it.

Difficulty: 7/10: He’s the hardest creature in the game to play right due to most of his powers being difficult to utilize properly, but when used properly, his mindgame potential is crazy.

Skill Ceiling: 10/10 Like mentioned above, a smart 23 player is really hard to fight due the mindgame potential.