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White Pearl – Equipment Guide

25 December 2017, Monday, 19:16:03


Equipment Guide

Many characters in White Pearl equip different types of equipment. Here’s what they can equip:




Staffs are one handed magical weapons.

Staves are two handed magical weapons.

U’vharr : Axe
Elrise : Fisticuffs
Pearlto : Sword
Alberio : Sword, Dagger
Elyswer : Bow
Iris : Dagger
Elsay : Staff, Club
Cass : Staff, Stave
Kurone : Staff, Stave
Katkin : Spear
Redlac : Staff, Stave*

*Redlac can also conjure swords during battle. The stat of the conjured weapon is shown in the tooltip.




Everybody can equip their own type of special armor. In-game, this is shown in the item’s tooltip. For example, for armor that is only equippable by U’vharr; this would be shown on the tooltip as: >U’vharr Only. This also applies to accessories.


General Armor = Made using leather. Gives a balance of DEF and MDEF and some AGI/LUK.

Heavy Armor = Made using ingots. Gives lots of DEF (sometimes MDEF), at the cost of some AGI/LUK.

Light Armor = Made using cloth. Gives small DEF and MDEF, and focuses more on AGI/LUK and additional effects.

Magic Armor = Made using cloth and aura. Gives small, if any, DEF, and focuses more on MAT and augmenting certain magic.


U’vharr : General, Heavy, Light,
Elrise : General, , Light,
Pearlto : General, Heavy, ,
Alberio : General, , Light, Magic
Elyswer : General, , Light,
Iris : General, , Light,
Elsay : General, , Light, Magic
Cass : , , Light, Magic
Kurone : , , Light, Magic
Katkin : General, Heavy, ,
Redlac : General, Heavy, Light, Magic




U’vharr : Shield
Elrise : Cannot equip anything on off hand slot. Weapon takes up both slots.
Pearlto : Shield
Alberio : Bucklers
Elyswer : Cannot equip anything on off hand slot. Weapon takes up both slots.
Iris : Cannot equip anything on off hand slot.
Elsay : Bucklers
Cass : Cannot equip anything on off hand slot.
Kurone : Bucklers
Katkin : Cannot equip anything on off hand slot. Weapon takes up both slots.
Redlac : Shield, Bucklers




Everybody can equip general accessories, usually seen as jewellery and other form of items. Spellbooks give magic in the form of skills.


U’vharr : Grips, Medals, , ,
Elyswer : , Medals, Instruments,
Kurone : , Medals, , Spellbooks
Cass : , Medals, , Spellbooks
Elsay : Grips, Medals,
Iris : Grips, ,
Albireo : Grips,
Pearlto : Grips, Medals,
Katkin : Grips, Medals,
Elrise : Grips, ,
Redlac : , Medals, Instruments, Spellbooks, Tomes*

*Tomes give additonal Composite Magic spells, which is only available to Redlac.



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