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Wild Guns Reloaded PC Controls

13 July 2017, Thursday, 20:44:38


PC Controls

Aim and movement are controlled with a single stick or set of keys, similar to the arcade game Cabal. While not firing your weapons, you will control both your crosshair and your character at once, which both move exponentially to each other, basically sort-of simulating a cone of fire. When firing, your character stands still and you move only the crosshair.


There are 3 keys, one for shooting (hold), melee (tap when an enemy is right in front of you), and the lasso mechanic (mash the button), one for jumping and evading (double tap does a double jump with invincibility frames), and one to activate your smartbomb-like special. The standard keys are XYZ, while aim/movement is controlled with the arrow keys.



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