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Wizard of Legend – Chaos Arcana Guide

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Chaos Arcana Guide

Unlocked by defeating the final boss. One chaos arcana is awarded each time you beat them.



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Absolute Finale: Throws out an orb of primal chaos that erases the first enemy hit from existence! Enemies that cannot be erased will take heavy damage instead.


Signature Effect: Creates eight orbs that each fire outwards in all directions.


  • Type: Standard


  • Damage: 10


  • Cooldown: 10 seconds


  • Knockback: 0 (or n/a)



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Arcane Intervention: Throw a chaos monolith with the first activation of this spell, creating a circle around your character that allows you to send all enemies inside the circle to the location of the thrown monolith when the spell is activated a second time. At the time of teleportation, enemies are enveloped in a chaos storm. Enemies already standing atop the monolith are also hurt by the storm.


Signature Effect: Throws 5 monoliths, teleporting enemies in the circle to each monolith in sequence when activated.


  • Type: Standard


  • Damage: 25


  • Cooldown: 4 seconds


  • Knockback: -10



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Chaos Crusher: Create a chaotic rift to strike foes before compressing it and firing it forward!


  • Type: Basic


  • Damage: 8


  • Cooldown: 0 seconds (or n/a)


  • Knockback: 15



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Chaotic Rift: Dash through a rift torn open by primal chaos. Allows you to warp through walls within range of a normal dash (i.e., most thin walls) but not gates that lock you into a room or a boss fight.


  • Type: Dash


  • Damage: 0 (or n/a)


  • Cooldown: 0 seconds (or n/a)


  • Knockback: 0 (or n/a)



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Distortion Beam: Summon a beam of chaos energy. 2 charges.


Signature Effect: Summons 7 beams of chaos energy in front of you.


  • Type: Standard


  • Damage: 5


  • Cooldown: 5 seconds


  • Knockback: 1



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Mortal Coil: Impale all enemies in line with a spear of chaos and drag them to you.


Signature Effect: Creates three spears, then creates a whirlwind of chaos to damage foes pulled close to you.


  • Type: Standard


  • Damage: 25


  • Cooldown: 3 seconds


  • Knockback: 4



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Null Parade: Throw out a cluster of chaos orbs that explode on landing.


Signature Effect: Initial cluster explodes three times.


  • Type: Signature


  • Damage: 5


  • Cooldown: 6 seconds


  • Knockback: -2



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Phantom Brigade: Summon 5 Chaos Knights that lock onto enemies and attack.


Signature Effect: Summon one Chaos Knight of each element.


  • Type: Standard


  • Damage: 5


  • Cooldown: 8 seconds


  • Knockback: 10


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