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Wizard of Legend – Chaos Trials

24 May 2018, Thursday, 16:23:44

Chaos Trials

The Chaos Trials are an annual competition in Lanova held by the Lanova Council of Magic to seek worthy wizards. The strongest members of the council shape sections of Lanova Castle into a labyrinth of hazards and creatures of chaos energy, each personalized to their own element and personality. Wizards from around the world compete to defeat these challenges, and the council members who made them, to earn the title of Wizard of Legend.




Wizards who enter the Chaos Trials are allowed to start with only four arcana, a basic attack, a dash, a standard, and a signature, so wizards will typically bring their favorite ones. Additional arcana can be collected throughout the trials through chests, shopkeepers, and as rewards for beating the council members.




In addition to earning the title of Wizard of Legend, the winner will be awarded with one or more Chaos Arcana, extremely rare and powerful arcana that can only be crafted by the head of the council, and that most wizards can’t control.


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