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Wizard of Legend – Cursed Shop and Doctor’s Items

17 May 2018, Thursday, 5:57:06

Cursed Shop and Doctor’s Items

Cursed Shop Items

Abhorrent Cologne: Enemies have less health, but enemy damage is increased!


Alchemist’s Stone: All Chaos Gems gained during the Chaos Trials are transmuted into gold!


Anchor of Burden: Damage and stuns are increased but movement speed is reduced for each cursed relic owned!


Armor of Greed: Grants a significant boost in armor! Every hit taken reduces gold count.


Broken Plague Flask: Enemy max health is lowered, but your health is lowered as well!


Crimson Clover: Critical hit chance is increased for you and all enemies!


Double Edged Cestus: Increase basic arcana damage! All other damage decreased.


Double Toil: Reduces cooldowns by half but receive double damage!


Double Trouble: Deal double damage but receive double damage!


Flashy Boots: Allows you to triple dash but lowers movement speed!


Glass Cannon: Damage increased but max health is reduced!


Golden Armor of Envy: Increases armor but store prices are increased!


Golden Saber of Envy: Increases damage but store prices are increased!


Horned Halo: Revive with low health when defeated but consumes half of current health when picked up! This relic is destroyed on use.


Large Red Button: Regain full health every time an exit portal is used! Max health is reduced and health potions have no effect.


Nog’s Heavenly Boots: Adds a significant chance to evade attacks but take double damage!


Ominous Loan Note: Immediately receive a large sum of gold! All gold gained, with interest, will go toward paying off this debt.


Overpriced Insurance: Expend all gold at the start of each stage and heal for a fraction of the expended amount.


Paronomasicon: Your attacks on council members are more pun-ishing! Enemy attacks pack an extra pun-ch.


Sharpened Stylus: Increases damage but signature can no longer be charged!


Silver Spinning Top: Increases the activation speed of arcana but slows movement speed!


Spiked Emergency Kit: Regenerate health while at critically low health! Max health is reduced.


Stanza of Flames: All fire arcana cause burning but take double damage from water spells! Second half of the Poem of Fiery Rime.


Tiny Crocodile Heart: Reduces max health but increases max health for each enemy defeated!


Tortoise Shield: Increase armor but decrease damage!


Vampire’s Fangs: Defeating enemies regenerates health but max health is reduced!


Volatile Gemstone: Signature charge rate and decay are increased dramatically but charged signature damage is reduced! Shell of the Perfect Time Crystal.




Doctor’s Items

Critical Placebos: Makes you believe all your attacks result in critical hits!


Health Care Card: Receive a discount whenever you purchase potions from the merchant!


Messy Prescription: Increases healing received from all sources!


Renewing Potion Vial: Regain a small amount of health when teleporting to the next area!


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