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Wizard of Legend – Relics Guide

17 May 2018, Thursday, 5:53:16


Absorption Coil: A percentage of damage taken charges your signature arcana!


Agni’s Sparkler: Increases ferocity of your burn status effects!


Albert’s Formula: Receive signature charge when healed!


Amulet of Sundering: Increases all damage dealt!


Analytical Monocle: Increases critical hit chance!


Ancient Fountain Pen: Your charged signature arcana deals more damage every time you use it!


Antiquated Tabi: Adds a small chance to evade attacks!


Arcana Rewards Card: All gold costs for arcana are discounted!


Armor of Resolve: Increases armor while at low health!


Assassin’s Blade: Increases critical hit damage!


Auditor’s Talisman: Increases critical hit chance at low health!


Auger of Poetry: Increases resistance to earth based attacks!


Autograph Pad: Damage and movement speed is increased while signature arcana is charged!


Battery of Taranis: Increases lightning damage!


Berserker’s Axe: Increases damage dealt for a short while after taking damage!


Berserker’s Helm: Damage increased while at low health!


Bladed Buckler: Destroying an enemy projectile grants signature charge energy!


Blasting Sprite Aura: Summons a sprite that slows enemies! Only one sprite can be active at any time.


Boots of Frenzy: Defeating enemies grants a chance to temporarily add unlimited charges to your movement arcana!


Bracers of the Beast: Pressing forward into an attack immediately before impact allows you to guard the attack!


C-99 Piggy Bank: Gets heavier as you progress through the trials. Drop from inventory to open.


Calcifying Bonemail: Increases armor for a short duration after taking damage!


Calvin’s Sandy Shoes: Adds a chance to evade while at low health!


Captain’s Ring: Equipping arcana of differing elements increases damage!


Cartographer’s Quill: Increases damage based on how much of the map you have revealed! Damage increase lasts for the entire trial!


Chaos Scanner: Reveals health bars for all enemies in the Chaos Trials!


Charming Teddy Bear: Adds a chance to charm enemies when taking damage!


Cobalt Firestone: Summons an aura that damages nearby enemies!


Combo Gloves: Basic arcana have an extra combo!


Conqueror’s Belt: All Rogues and Archers have their spells limited! Only one Conqueror item can be in effect at a time.


Conqueror’s Cloak: All Mages and Summoners have their spells limited! Only one Conqueror item can be in effect at a time.


Conqueror’s Helmet: All Knights and Lancers have their spells limited! Only one Conqueror item can be in effect at a time.


Covert Ops Mask: After evading an attack, all of your attacks will be critical hits for a short duration!


Cushioned Flip-flops: Damage taken is expended from your signature meter while you have sufficient charge to shield the attack!


Dagger of Midas: Increases damage based on how much gold you currently have!


Dark Katana: Triples the critical hit chance for all melee arcana!


Dated Sunglasses: Enemy projectiles move slower, giving you more time to react!


Deafening Cymbals: Destroys all projectiles in the area when hit by a projectile!


Demi’s Thermos: Increases the duration of buff arcana!


Destructive Abacus: Defeating foes lowers active cooldowns!


Devi’s Bug Spray: Increases potency of your poison status effects!


Dice of the Nemesis: Adds a small chance of dealing massive damage with your critical hits!


Ebon Wolf’s Cloak: Increases fire and lightning arcana damage, but receive more damage from water and earth attacks!


Elemental Pointes: Using a dash arcana immediately after another arcana lowers cooldowns for all arcana of the same element as your dash!


Elven Ears: Remaining motionless for a short time causes you to disappear from sight!


Equestricap: Allows you gallop to max speed with ease!


Euphie’s Shawl: Increases armor!


Evening Gloves: Basic arcana chains are completed automatically!


Flak Gauntlet: Allows you to destroy enemy projectiles with melee basic arcana!


Fortune Cookie: Randomly empowers an arcana at the beginning of each stage!


Freezing Sprite Naya: Summons a sprite that freezes enemies! Only one sprite can be active at any time.


Friendship Bracelet: Increase damage and movement speed when you’re with a true friend!


Fuzzy Handwarmers: Prevents freeze status effect!


Gaia’s Shovel: Increases earth damage!


Giant’s Heart: Increases max health!


Glove of Midas: Increase gold gain for all wizards! Multiple gloves do not stack.


Greased Boots: Increases the distances traveled by dash arcana!


Grimoire of Ruin: Increases the damage of summoned agents!


Gummy Vitamins: Prevents poison status effect!


Healing Potion: Restores some health!


Heavy Travel Jacket: Increases armor for each relic held!


Hummingbird Feather: Briefly hover over pits!


Hunter’s Stiletto: Increase damage against foes that are inflicted with a status ailment.


Hyperbolic Train: Signature charges faster at low health!


Idealist’s Mirror: All arcana are empowered when at full health!


Ifrit’s Matchstick: Increases fire damage!


Igniting Sprite Vesa: Summons a sprite that burns enemies! Only one sprite can be active at any time.


Indra’s Copper Pipe: Increases duration of your shock status effects!


Infinity Marble: Signature charge stays active until used!


Insignia of Legend: A crest presented only to those who have cleared the Chaos Trials!


Jewelry Box: Picking up chaos gems heals for a small amount. Excludes gems collected from Council members.


Journal of Midas: Gain gold when defeating consecutive enemies without taking damage!


Kali’s Flower Diadem: When taking damage that would defeat you, gain full signature charge and briefly become immune to defeat!


Large Red Button: Regain full health every time an exit portal is used! Max health is reduced and health potions have no effect.


Leemo’s Leaf: Evade all attacks while dashing!


Lei’s Drum: Release a burst of lightning when taking damage!


Limited Edition Robe: Reduces damage taken to a maximum of 10% of max health!


Lotus Froststone: Summons an aura that freezes nearby enemies.


Memory Chainmail: Memorizes the last three attacks taken and reduces damage from attacks of the same type!


Merchant’s Cart: Increase damage based on number of relics in inventory.


Mercury’s Sandals: Increases movement speed!


Mirror Shield: Summons a shield that reflects one projectile! Shield breaks after reflect and respawns on a timer.


Museum Ticket: A ticket to Lanova Museum’s newly opened Chaos Trials exhibit!


Mystic Monopole: Increases knockback when striking foes!


Nerite Shell: Adds a chance to slow foes!


Neve’s Citrine: Holding seven lightning arcana increases critical chance! All arcana shocks foes!


Neve’s Emerald: Holding seven earth arcana increase health and armor and lowers stun and knockback!


Neve’s Quartz: Holding seven air arcana increases movement speed and evasion. All arcana slows foes!


Neve’s Ruby: Holding seven fire arcana increases damage! All arcana burns foes!


Neve’s Sapphire: Holding seven water arcana reduces all cooldowns and increases healing!


Nocturnal Sundial: Adds a chance that an arcana will not go on cooldown after use!


Noxious Dappercap: Adds a chance to poison foes!


Pathfinder’s Knapsack: On clearing the floor, receive a heal based on the map reveal percentage.


Pathfinder’s Map: Reveals the layout and main points of interest of the Chaos Trials!


Pazu’s Favorite Hat: Revive with low health when defeated! Hat can also create health orbs when dropped. This relic is destroyed on use.


Perfect Time Crystal: Signature damage, charge rate, and decay rate increased!


Permafrost Cube: Adds a chance to freeze foes!


Phoenix Talon: Adds a chance to burn foes!


Phyyrnx’s Hourglass: Activates when taking damage at low health and briefly removes the cooldown on all arcana!


Plaguing Sprite Dria: Summons a sprite that poisons enemies! Only one sprite can be active at any time.


Poem of Fiery Rime: Increases fire and ice damage! Adds a chance to freeze and burn foes to fire and ice arcana, respectively.


Pop-up Primer: Increases the number of summoned agents, but lowers their health!


Puffy Parka: Evade all critical hits!


Raffle Ticket: Adds a chance that an item purchased in the Chaos Trials will be free of charge.


Raspberry Cookie Box: Health orbs drop more frequently!


Reactive Vinemail: Releases a grove of rooting vines when taking damage!


Regenerative Inkwell: Using a fully charged signature arcana heals you instead of producing a signature spell!


Reinforced Bracers: Your projectiles destroy any other projectiles they strike!


Relic Rewards Card: All gold costs for relics are discounted!


Resolute Svalinn: Increases resistance to fire based attacks!


Ring of Recycling: Gain a shield every time a charged signature is not activated and times out.


Ring of Reserves: Adds more uses to all multi-use arcana!


Roxel’s Pendulum: Reduces all cooldowns!


Royal Flush: Equipping arcana of the same element increases damage!


Rudra’s Pinwheel: Increases air damage!


Sano’s Headband: You can no longer be interrupted while casting an arcana!


Scissors of Vitality: Sacrifice all standard arcana in your hand to revive from defeat!


Secret Wild Card: Your signature will take longer to charge, but can now be used twice on a single charge!


Shiva’s Water Bottle: Increases water damage!


Sidewinder’s Badge: All melee basic arcana have a secondary hit that deals reduced damage!


Singing Bowl: Not using arcana for a short period of time causes your next spell to be a critical hit!


Sinister Ledger: Increases all damage for every enemy defeated, but loses effectiveness when taking damage.


Sleepy Thunderstone: Summons an aura that calls down lightning on nearby enemies.


Sparking Sprite Etra: Summons a sprite that shocks enemies! Only one sprite can be active at any time.


Special Snowflake: Defeated enemies have a chance to explode and freeze nearby enemies!


Spell Thief’s Socks: Increase movement speed everytime an arcana is used! Speed is increased for each arcana on cooldown!


Spice Rack: Using an arcana of a different element reduces the cooldown of the previously used arcana.


Stanza of Frost: Increases ice damage! First half of the Poem of Fiery Rime.


Stygian Turtle Shell: Briefly become invulnerable after taking damage in quick succession!


Super Carrot Cake: Taking damage increases your max health up to a certain limit!


Super Sunscreen: Prevents burn status effect!


Supply Crate: The relic and arcana stores will instantly restock after purchase! Health potions are of short supply and will not be restocked.


Surefire Rocket: Signature charge no longer decays while building up!


Takeout Box: When healed for more than your maximum health, gain a shield equal to half of the excess heal amount.


Tapping Gloves: Following up a basic arcana with another arcana increases its critical hit chance!


Tea of Mercy: All heals increase your max health up to a certain limit!


Tears of Midas: Gain gold when taking damage!


Tesla Coil: Adds a chance to shock foes!


Thesis on Defense: Every point of damage taken adds a page to this thesis. Every 200 pages reduces all damage taken by 1. (Maximum 1000 pages)


Three Gorges Bulwark: Increases resistance to water based attacks!


Tozy’s Pocket Watch: Reduces cooldowns but also reduces signature charge rate!


Tracking Suit: Arcana of matching elements increases resistance to that element! Requires two or more arcana of the same element.


Unicorn Tail: Rainbows!


Vampire’s Eyeglasses: Regenerate health every time you land a critical hit!


Wallet of Vigor: Enables you to purchase items with health when you don’t have sufficient gold.


Wanderer’s Mechanism: Increases the damage of your signature arcana! Core of the Perfect Time Crystal.


Whimsical Explodium: Adds a chance that enemies will explode when defeated!


Yuna’s Storybook: Increases the duration of summoned agents!


Wizard of Legend – Cursed Shop and Doctor’s Items


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