Wizard of Legend – Outfits Stats


Statistics (for Outfits)


    Armor reduces all incoming damage from an attack by a percentage multiplier. Incoming damage is always rounded up so if the difference is less than 1, this will have no effect.



Cooldown Reduction

    Cooldown Reduction reduces the time between casts of the same arcana by a percentage multiplier.



Crit chance

    Critical hit chance is the likelihood that an attack will be hit critically and do more damage.



Crit damage

    Critical damage multiplier modifies the damage of an attack by a percentage multiplier when the attack critically hits.




    Damage is the amount of health removed from an entity when struck by a spell or hazard.




    Defense reduces all incoming damage by a flat amount. In most cases, damage taken cannot be reduced below 1.




    Evasion chance increases the likelihood that an attack will miss completely and pass through the player. Also grants brief immunity to attacks of the same type.




    Health is the amount of damage an entity can take before being defeated.



Run speed

    Movement speed affects how quickly an entity can move around without the use of any arcana.


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