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Wolf Tails – Mirari & Fuyu Routes

10 May 2018, Thursday, 13:09:06

Mirari & Fuyu Routes

Mirari Route

“You’re just Hungry.”
Inquire further.
Stop her by force
“It’s better than my cooking”
Not particulary
I’d better go find them
“I’m suspicious”
Explan properly
Talk to Mirari about the city
Comfort Mirari
“I understand that feeling”
Start cleaning
Tell the girls to wait

Until the point “Comfort Mirari” you can actually choose whatever you want! Besides one exception
(And later on a second one!):

The moment you are asked to choose either
“They’ll be fine” or “I’d better go find them”
Take the second one! The first one will end badly for your wolfgirls and your soul (It broke my heart!)

The second “Bad Ending” is the moment you have to choose
“Let Mirari go” or “Tell the girls to wait”
Take also the second answer! For the “Bad Ending” choose the first one. (Seriously, who wants that?!)





She seriously doesn’t know how to use a fork?
Leave the matter alone
Call out to her
“It’s not bad”
Not particulary
I’d better go find them
Take a nap
“You fell asleep while we were snuggling”
Keep watching
Follow Fuyu
Change the subject
Pretend to fight the vacuum cleaner
Tell the girls to wait




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