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Wolfpack – The Torpedo Data Computer

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The Torpedo Data Computer

The torpedo data computer is located in the conning tower.


  • 1. Target speed. Set the estimated speed of the ship you are targeting.


  • 2. Torpedo depth. Set the torpedoes running depth.


  • 3. Range. Set the estimated distance to the target ship.


  • 4. Angle on the bow. Set the direction in which the ship is traveling relative to your viewpoint.


  • 5. Length. Set the estimated length of the target ship.


  • 6. Torpedo status display. The lights indicate if the corresponding torpedo tube is ready for launch.


  • 7. Angle tracking device. Select your aiming device by turning the handle.


  • 8. Torpedo tube selection. Turn the handle to select your desired torpedo tube for launch.


  • 9. Salvo shot selection. Choose which torpedo tubes to use in a salvo shot.


  • 10. Timer. The timer displays the torpedoes’ estimated travel time.


  • 11. Error light. If the lamp turns red, the entered firing solution is invalid.


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