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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Charm Stones Guide

10 June 2017, Saturday, 18:03:49


Charm Stones
Hawkman Stone:
-Hawkman Required
-Good weapons and Armour
In the Volcano zone keep going right untill you come to the hut at the very end. A little up on the right is a gap in the wall, fly through it to enter the Birdman Unknown Zone.


Lizardman Stone:
Head for the Desert. At the first pool of water you encounter drop down and go to the right. There will be a door blocked by….well blocks. Destroy them and enter to find yourself in anouther Unknown Zone and transformed into Lizard Man.


Mouseman Stone:
-Mouseman Required
-Bracelet Required
Take the mouseman down into the underground and head left. Once you reach the area with the blue snakes try hugging the left wall. On the bottom step up should be a secret passageway to run through.


Lionman Stone:
-Lionman Required
-Bracelet Required
In the second water area of the Beach zone find the 4 sets of Terraced blocks with 3 Octopus around them. There is a patch of pink kelp with two breakable blocks hidden under them. Use Lionman to get in. If you cant find the blocks try setting the game to retro mode and the kelp will vanish makeing them visible.


Piranhaman Stone:
-Piranhaman Required
-Gold Key
At the beach drop down at the first sign of water and head to the left. There is a platform of 2 blocks to stand on. Doing soo will take you into the Unknown.


Hu-Man Stone:
-Game completion Required
Hu-man stone is at Wonderboy/Girls home. The doorway they enter in the ending.

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