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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Hidden Shops and Rooms Guide

10 June 2017, Saturday, 17:53:55


Hidden Shops and Rooms Guide

Shop 1:
-Hawkman Required
In Monster town there is the platform with 4 blocks you always exit too after an escape room. If you fly up from there you will come to the underside of the Desert door, dirrectly under it press up and you will enter a hidden shop in thesky. It sells Thunder and a life potion.


Shop 2:
-Hawkman Required
From Monster Town Fly to the right over the wall and there will be a shop hidden just over it.
Contains the Heavenly Shield and a gold key.


Shop 3:
-Hawkman or Piranhaman Required
-Bracelet Required
There are 2 ways ot access this shop.
The first way and earlyest is on the way back to the Beach after doing the Volcanic zone.
When you are swimming through the sewers under Monster town keep an eye out for an area where the water comes close to the top of the map. If you swim up and jump you will find yourself outside a shop guarded by blocks.
The Second way is to just fly there by going Right from Monster town untill you see it. Its the second shop you see.


Hidden Room 1:
-Hawkman or Piranhaman Required
From the previous shop either Fly or jump up the blocks and continue Right. You will come to a door with a chest inside.


Hidden room 2 and 3:
-Hawkman Semi Required
-Bracelet Required
No so much a Hidden room as more a bonus area full of chests. When you reach the Pyramid in the Desert keep going to the left over it. You will come to a Sphinx. Inside is a room with a chest but dont those walls also look breakable? Do so.
Through the wall and down you will come to an area with 8 chests. You can open one then you need to leave by pressing up anywhere inthe room. You will be right outside. Repeate this untill all the chests are clear.
There is also a door on the very top center of the chest room which exits above the Mummy Dragons room. If you are fast as Birdman you can fly, head left for a bonus chest.


Shop 4:
-Mouseman Required
To the far left of the city just before the Forest zone is a narrow passageway only Mouseman can pass through, there are red spike ball enemies in the passages. When you enter take the path that puts you on the very top level. Go as far left as you can and jump.

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