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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Hidden Weapons and Armour Guide

10 June 2017, Saturday, 17:47:15


Hidden Weapons and Armour

Legendary Sword:

-Hawkman required

-A Gold Key

Once you have the ability to fly, from Monster Town fly to the far right and keep flying untill you come to the destroyed castle. Remember that locked door when you were last here? Enter it and go to the Mecha dragons room. Inside will be a chest with the Legendary Sword inside.



Legendary Armour:

-Hawkman Required

-Gold Key required

After you get the Legendary Sword after returning to the Mecha Dragons room, head to the escape path from the previous time you were here. For me there was a blue Cyclops who had a 100% drop rate on the armour.



Legendary Shield:

-Hawkman Required

When you go again in the destroyed castle, in the same spot when you come out to the far right. Push ‘Up’ inside of the well. It’s on sale for 5890 coins.



Tasmanian Sword:

-Lionman Required

In the Underground keep going to the left, The path will split into dead ends a few times. The final time will be a long split. In the upper path there will be a split between the stages, go through it. On the other side will be the dead end with a hidden door right at the end. Inside the sword can be purchased.



Gallic Sword:


-All 6 charm stones.

Once you have all the charm stones return to the enterence of the underground. The room with the 3 large pipes and destroy the lone block to access the shop. Inside the Charm item will be the sword.



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