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World of Warships PC Keyboard Controls

20 November 2017, Monday, 14:16:58


PC Keyboard Controls

Game Controls

W- Speed up / Forward

S – Speed down / Back

A – Turn left

D – Turn right



Aiming & Firing

Mouse Movement – Move your mouse to rotate the ship’s guns.

Left Mouse Button – Click to fire a single shot.

Left Mouse Button Double Click – Double-click for a main battery salvo.

Left Mouse Button (Hold) – Click and hold for sequential fire.

Mouse Wheel – Click the scroll wheel to fire and follow the shells with the camera.



Camera & Help

Shift – Binocular View

M – Tactical Map

F1 – Help Menu


Torpedo Controls 

Press 3 to select the torpedo launcher.

Press 3 again to change the width of the torpedo spread.

Press X to calculate the target lead.


Note: The effective range of torpedoes is limited by the minimum and maximum ring distance. Take this into account when planning
a torpedo attack.



Chat Controls

Enter – Activate chat

Enter – Send message

TAB – Select recipient

ESC – Exit chat mode



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