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Worlds Adrift Engines Guide


Engines are the fastest method of propulsion. Engines provide a pulling thrust, placed with the prop facing forward. They can be found as procedural schematics located within chests, or they can be learned by spending knowledge. When you first start out it costs 250 knowledge to create the first Tier 1 engine schematic and the Power Generator.
Engines need to be placed with the prop facing forwards.


The Power Generator needs to be placed on the ship and fuelled for the engines to work, each Power Generator can hold 100 fuel. To refuel your Power Generator simply hold ‘E’ on it with fuel in your inventory. You don’t need to connect your engines in any way as the fuel will be shared equally to each engine. You can have multiple Power Generators to hold more than 100 fuel, they will all connect and you only need to refuel one to refuel all of them.
To activate your engines simply throttle up (‘W’) on the helm, you can revese thrust by throttling down behind the red zone (‘S’). Engines are also directionally controlled, meaning you can place vertical engines to help with ascending.

Engines have 5 perameter values:
Resilience – The effective HP of the component, best buffed by strong materials
Fuel Efficiency – How quickly the engine will drain fuel
Overheat Limit – How much heat the engine can take before overheating (NOTE: This mechanic isn’t actually in-game as of Beta 1)
Power – Effective representation of top speed engine can achieve
Spin-Up – Effective acceleration of engine

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