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WoW Classic – Best Professions for Warlocks

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Best Professions for Warlocks

Which professions should you choose for your Warlock? Well, it largely depends on what you plan to do.


If you want to fight other players and primarily engage in PVP, Mining and Engineering are excellent choices. The bizarre equipment available to Engineers will allow you to ensnare or stun your opponents (making up for the Warlock’s lack of mobility options), charm them, deal extra damage, launch yourself across fighting arenas, and even open locks.


If you plan on challenging difficult endgame raids, Tailoring and Enchanting is an ideal choice. This choice is common to all cloth-wearing classes, as high-level Tailoring allows the player to craft powerful Epic equipment. Enchanting allows the player to enhance that equipment with powerful stat buffs.


If you want to make a ton of money with little investment, pick up Herbalism and Mining. These professions require virtually no crafting, so you can gather herbs and ore, then sell them on the Auction House for a tidy profit. Herbs are required to make Alchemy potions for end-game raids, and Both Engineers and Blacksmiths use mining, so there will always be demand. Enchanting is also an excellent money-maker, but you’ll need to work harder to level up your skill to make the most of this profession.


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