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WoW Classic – Best Rogue Mods and Addons

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Best Rogue Mods and Addons

The following are class-specific (or role-specific) mods which are useful for Rogue players. Whatever you are doing, these mods and addons are good to have around.


  • Tell Me When – This AddOn allows you to get notifications on a number of cooldowns, including powerful damaging or defensive abilities, buffs and debuffs, and more. This is useful for all Rogue specs.


  • Bartender4 – Use this AddOn to create contextual bars based on whichever spec you are playing.


  • Weapon Swing Timer – This AddOn helps you to know when you are going to swing your weapon, allowing you to time instant-cast abilities to maximize damage, etc.


  • Clique – This AddOn allows you to create custom shortcuts, making it incredibly easy to use context-sensitive abilities, or cast specific abilities on specific targets with ease.


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