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WoW Classic – Professions That Pair Well Together

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Professions That Pair Well Together

  • Alchemy pairs well with Herbalism and Fishing, as reagents from those professions, are needed for potions, flasks, and elixirs. At higher levels, Mining ore is needed for transmutes.


  • Blacksmithing pairs well with Mining, as you will need lots of ore.


  • Cooking pairs well with fishing, as you will need raw fish to cook many recipes. If you are interested in maxing out cooking, you will need to cook recipes requiring fish.


  • Enchanting pairs well with Tailoring, Leatherworking, or Blacksmithing, as those professions generate gear that can be disenchanted. Tailoring is generally most common as you can loot cloth needed for Tailored items without having to learn a gathering profession (such as Skinning for Leatherworking).


  • Engineering pairs well with Mining, as it requires lots of ore.


  • Fishing pairs well with Alchemy and Herbalism, as raw fish are reagents for both those professions.


  • Leatherworking pairs well with Skinning as you will need those reagents for crafted gear.


  • Mining pairs well with either Engineering or Blacksmithing, production professions that require ore.


  • Skinning pairs well with Leatherworking, as it is required to craft many recipes.


  • Tailoring pairs well with Enchanting, as players can convert cloth into Tailored items and then disenchant them. Items from Skinning are also required for Tailoring, to a lesser extent than cloth.


If you are incredibly rich, or have lots of time and alts to farm, you can, of course, pair two Production professions, such as Engineering and Blacksmithing on a Warrior, and either buy tons of ore or have an alt farm it.


If you are hurting for cash, you may want to grab two Gathering professions or Alchemy + Herbalism to maximize your Auction House gains.


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