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WoW Classic – Rogue Class Quests Guide

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Rogue Class Quests

As a class, Rogues have a somewhat easier time with class quests than other classes (though they don’t get their mount like Warlocks and Paladins). The only quests Rogues have to contend with to unlock abilities for their class both come at levels 16 and 20: One reward you with weapon poisoning, while the other allows you to brew Thistle Tea, and each will help you as you level to 60.


While the quest to obtain Poisons starts at level 20, the difficulty can vary based on your faction. Alliance Rogues don’t have to defeat anyone and can stealth and use Sap to get what they need. However, for Horde Rogues, you’ll have to contend with a horde of level 22 mobs and a boss – which may require a friend or some healing potions. Regardless of your faction, you’ll want to have leveled up your Lockpicking skill to around 75-85.


At level 16, Horde rogues are directed to Orgimmar’s class trainers to meet Wrenix the Wretched located in The Barrens at the port called Ratchet. You’ll take on the quest Plundering the Plunderers – and you must make sure to obtain both the Thieves’ Tools and E. C. A. C. from the nearby robot. Locate the docked pirate ship along the coast and get down to the hull where a lone locked box is. If you lack the skill to open it, look for a row of lockboxes on the ship’s upper level to quickly train up your skill and then return to unlock the main objective. Once you do, quickly turn around to find a high-level elite parrot named Polly coming at you. Use the E.C.A.C to transform it into a regular level 18 mob and kill it, then return to get the Thistle Tea recipe.


At level 20, you must start The Shattered Salute quest in Orgimmar and salute Shenthul after he salutes you, and then take on the Deep Cover quest to find Taskmaster Fizzule in The Barrens, using a Flare Gun to draw him out, and then salute him so you can talk with the NPC. Obtaining the quest Mission: Possible But Not Probable, you’ll need to kill various monsters while also pickpocketing a key from Foreman Silixiz (but not killing him). Then, defeat Grand Foreman Puzik Gallywix and open his lockbox – this will put a poison debuff on you. After completing the quest and getting the Thistle Tea recipes, you’ll be sent to find Hinott in the Hillsbrad Foothills to remove your debuff and teach you how to make poisons.


The Alliance has a much easier questline, starting with Mathias and the Defias in Stormwind, which will send you to meet an agent near the bottom of Westfall. Speak to Agent Kearnen for the quest Klaven’s Tower, and infiltrate the tower by pickpocketing (not killing) the Malformed Defias Drone for the key. Then, you can stealth your way up the tower and use Sap on Klaven Mortwake, allowing you to loot Klaven Mortwake’s Journal from the nearby chest without having to fight for it. This will give you a poison debuff, so hightail it back to complete the quest and learn how to make Thistle Tea and Poisons. To remove your debuff, take the quest The Touch of Zanzil and follow Doc Mixilpixil’s instructions to get the poison removed.


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