WWE 2K18 Achievements




You just made the List
Win a match against Jericho. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


This way please!
Throw an opponent out of the ring using Grapple Carry. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Shane? Is that you?
Make an opponent fall off the Trailer in the Parking Lot. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Legit Boss
Win a match as Sasha Banks. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Use all 4 carry positions in a single match. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Chiro appointment
Slam your opponent onto the steel steps. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Take it Backstage
Finish a match backstage. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Title shot
Attack your opponent using the Championship Title. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Perform 3 major reversals in a Single Match. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Perform a Crowd or Opponent taunt. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Pay attention!
Successfully pin a distracted opponent using a Leverage Pin. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


#FinishIT with truth
Win a Normal One on One match in less than 60 seconds (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Beating the odds
Escape an elimination attempt by 2 Superstars. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Stronger and stronger
Receive 3 rollout buffs during a Royal Rumble match. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Food fight
Slow your opponent by throwing something from the catering table. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Forklift operator
Perform a successful diving attack from the forklift. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Hope you have insurance for that
Perform a Car OMG! (PLAY mode against A.I.)


By any means
Successfully knock your opponent off their feet using an Equipment Box. (PLAY mode against A.I.)



Hot! Hot! Hot!
Perform a Hot Tag. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Catch & release
Catch and carry a diving opponent. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Who’s next?
Eliminate all opponents in an Elimination Chamber match. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Win a match as Bobby Roode. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Monster among us
Win a match as Braun Strowman. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Ashes to ashes
Win a match as Goldust. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Go go Hideo
Win a match as Hideo Itami. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Modern day Maharaja
Win a match as Jinder Mahal. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


I’m not like most girls
Win a match as Nia Jax. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Win a match as Seth Rollins. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Road to WrestleMania
WWE Universe – Win the Royal Rumble and get a World title at WrestleMania.


Future of the WWE
WWE Universe – Cash in Money in the Bank at WrestleMania and win the Championship.


Woman of the year
WWE Universe – Win or defend the WWE Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania.


Control freak
WWE Universe – Play and complete each match on a show’s match-card.


SNICKERS. Hunger to Win > Hunger
WWE Universe – Play and win 50 matches.


2 Badd
Win a match as Karl Anderson. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Win a match as Daniel Bryan. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Thank you, Taker!
WWE Universe – Play as Roman Reigns, beat Undertaker at WrestleMania.


Fashion leader
Use a custom Championship and win a match. (Single play)


My path starts here
MyCAREER – Complete the tutorial.


Welcome to the main roster
MyCAREER – Complete your first match in RAW or SmackDown.


No autographs please
Win a match as The Miz. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


Locker room rookie
MyCAREER – Complete one side quest.


Locker room leader
MyCAREER – Complete 20 side quests.


On the right track
MyCAREER – Reach level 2 on a career track.


The face that runs the place
MyCAREER – Reach level 10 on a career track.


WWE Veteran
MyCAREER – Complete the main story.


ROAD TO GLORY – Win 100 matches.


Star collector
ROAD TO GLORY – Qualify for a PPV Event.


Big draw!
ROAD TO GLORY – Win a Main Event.


Gauntlet runner
ROAD TO GLORY – Complete 10 Challenges.


On my way to the top!
ROAD TO GLORY – Reach level 10 in Prospect.


Teamwork is fun
Win a Team Up match.


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