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WWE 2K20 – How do you do Limb targeting?

How do you do Limb targeting?

If you’re more of a technical style of wrestler and prefer to use submissions to make your opponent tap out, you’ll want to know about limb targeting. Every single move in WWE 2K20 targets one or more limbs. A DDT will hurt your head, while an armbar predictably hurts arms.


In addition to pulling off your normal moves, using the limb targeting system is a great way to focus in on a body part. Hold RT and press Square to target the head, left arm, right arm, or legs respectively. You’ll execute a move specifically meant to hurt that body part. The more damage you do, the more likely your opponent is to tap out.



Limb Target (Front Facelock):

  • PS4: R2 (Hold) + Square + Left Toggle (Any direction)


  • Xbox One: RT (Hold) + X + Left Toggle (Any direction)



Limb Target (Grounded Opponent):

  • PS4: R2 (Hold) + Square


  • Xbox One: RT (Hold) + X


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