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WWE 2K20 – How to Pick up and Use Weapons

How to Pick up and Use Weapons

To start things off, you must make sure that you are playing a match with “No Disqualifications.” Once you are playing a no “DQ” match, you will want to hop out of the ring, go near the apron, and press and hold the LB or L1 button. This will allow your character to go underneath the ring to find a weapon. The weapon can range from a chair to a baseball bat to a sledgehammer. Once you’ve got your weapon in hand, all you must do is press the strike button (Square/X) and your Superstar will hit your opponent with the weapon.



  • Advanced Weapon Controls (PS4 & Xbox One)


Pick Up Object L1 LB
Grab Object under the Ring Hold L1 Hold LB
Object Attack Square X
Alternate Object Attack R2 + Square Hold RT + X
Drop Object O B
Throw Object into or Out of Ring O + Left Analogue Stick B + Left Analogue Stick
Climb Ladder, Cage, Cell R1 RB
Set up Ladder or Table X A
Lean Object in Corner X + Left Analogue Stick A + Left Analogue Stick
Carry Ladder Horizontally Hold R2 Hold RT
Rotate Standing Ladder Hold R2 + Right Analogue Stick Hold LB + Right Analogue Stick
Set up Ladder Bridge Hold R2 + L1 Hold RT + LB


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