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WWE 2K20 – How to Use your Taunts

How to Use your Taunts

Taunting is a big part of the wrestling world. Babyfaces use taunts to draw support from the crowd, while villainous heels will use them to draw heat. It helps engage the crowd and makes for more exciting matches.


In WWE 2K20, taunts are used for more than just showboating. A crowd taunt, accessible by pressing left on the directional pad, will let you gain momentum a bit faster. A taunt directed at your opponent, done by pressing right on the d-pad, will make your moves hit a bit harder.


There’s also the wake-up taunt, which can be performed by pressing up on the d-pad. These taunts force your opponent to stand up groggy from a downed state, perfect for lining up your finishers or moves from the top rope. Play to the crowd a bit and give yourself an advantage!



Wake Up Taunt:

  • PS4: Up (Directional Pad)


  • Xbox One: Up (Directional Pad)



Taunt Crowd:

  • PS4: Left (Directional Pad)


  • Xbox One: Left (Directional Pad)



Taunt Opponent:

  • PS4: Right (Directional Pad)


  • Xbox One: Right (Directional Pad)


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