WWE 2K20 PC Game Controls


PC Game Controls (Keyboard)


Normal Grapple: W/S/A/D + Down Arrow

Strong Grapple: W/S/A/D + hold Down Arrow

Turn Opponent Around: Spacebar + A/D

Snapmare to Seated Position: Spacebar + S




Lock Up: To grab an opponent in the Front Facelock press Down Arrow without holding a

Grapple Attack: W/S/A/D + Down Arrow

Working Hold: Down Arrow without holding a direction

Submission: Hold Down Arrow

Strike: Left Arrow

Irish Whip: Right Arrow

Release Front Facelock: Q

Limb Target: E + Right Arrow/Down Arrow/Up Arrow/Left Arrow




Grab your opponent in Front Facelock and press F to drag them. Or, you can drag a Standing or Kneeling opponent by holding E and pressing F. Defenders can escape a Standing Drag by rapidly pressing Right Arrow. Drag a downed opponent by holding F.

Environmental Attack: Press W/S/A/D and hold Left Arrow. To throw opponent over the ropes, press W/S/A/D + Hold E and Left Arrow.

Irish Whip: Right Arrow

Snapmare: Spacebar + S

Front Facelock: Down Arrow

Release: Q




Lift a Standing opponent into Carry by holding E and pressing Spacebar + W/S/A/D. You can also interrupt certain grapples to carry your opponent by holding E as you enter a Carry pose. Defenders can escape Carry by rapidly pressing Right Arrow.

Grapple: Down Arrow

Environmental Attack: W/S/A/D + Left Arrow

Switch Position: Spacebar + W/S/A/D




Use the Spacebar + W/S/A/D to reposition a downed or stunned opponent.




Lift Opponent: Spacebar + W

Turn Opponent Over: Spacebar + A/D

Lift Opponent to Seated Position: Spacebar + S

From Head, Side or Feet you can perform the
following actions:

Grapple: Down Arrow

Strong Strike: Hold Left Arrow

Submission: Hold Down Arrow

Limb Target: E + Right Arrow/Down Arrow/Up
Arrow/Left Arrow




Use Spacebar + W/S/A/D to move your slider around the submission mini-game. As the defender (blue), avoid the attacker’s (red) slider! Grab the glowing orb to help put your opponent away or escape!




An alternate submission mechanic option is also available in WWE 2K20, If selected, the attacker and defender must compete to rapidly press the displayed Down Arrow/Left Arrow/ Up Arrow/Right Arrow keys during submissions. Pay attention because the key to press will keep changing over the course of the submission attempt.




Press the Down Arrow when the meter lands in the target zone to escape. If you have the Rope Break ability, and you’re near the ropes, you can press Right Arrow when prompted to perform a manual rope break.



Dirty Pins

If you have the Dirty Pin ability, and your opponent is lying parallel near the ropes, hold Right Arrow to perform a dirty pin!




F icon: Normal reversal. This move has a single reversal. Requires a single reversal stock.

Green F icon: Minor reversal. This move has a Major reversal. Requires a single reversal stock.

Orange F icon: Major reversal. Last reversal opportunity for this move. Requires two reversal stock.

Major Reversals require more reversal stock but will temporarily weaken your opponent.




Turn Opponent Around: Spacebar + A/D

Lift and Place on Top Of Turnbuckle: Spacebar + W

Place In Tree Of Woe (Hanging Upside Down In Corner): Spacebar + S




Place Opponent Stunned on Middle Rope: Spacebar + A or D




Chain Wrestling occurs at the beginning of One on One and Tag Team matches if both superstars attempt to grapple at the same time. You can also trigger Chain Wrestling by holding E and pressing Down Arrow.


When you Lock Up in Chain Wrestling, try to gain the upper hand by choosing a chain hold (Left Arrow, Up Arrow, or Right Arrow). While in a chain hold, use the Spacebar + W/S/A/D to find the hot spot. The aggressor can also Strike (Left Arrow) or Wrench (Down Arrow) their opponent.




Run up a ladder and perform a diving attack to an opponent at ringside. To lean a ladder against the ropes use W/S/A/D to move towards the ropes, hold E, and press Q.




When you Roll Out, you will remain down at ringside while the Rollout Meter fills. Once the meter is filled, you will recover and receive a Buff. You may press Down Arrow while the meter is orange to recover early, but you will receive a Debuff.




Damage your opponent using tables to fill their Table Break meter. Filling your opponent’s meter unlocks Table Grapples, which can put them through a table without the use of a Table Finisher. The Table Break icon indicates when a Table Grapple can be performed by pressing Down Arrow. If the opponent is leaning against a table propped in the corner, a Running Strike can also put them through the table.




In WWE 2K20, Manual Targeting is enabled by default. You can switch to another target by pressing F1. Your new Target’s name will briefly appear above your Superstar’s head.



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