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WWE 2K20 Submission Tutorial

Submission Tutorial

A submission is a professional wrestling term for yielding to the opponent and therefore losing the fall.


Traditionally submission victories would occur when one professional wrestler would place his opponent in a wrestling hold. The referee would ask the trapped wrestler if they wished to submit. Alternatively, the referee would raise the arm of the trapped wrestler three times. If the arm fell three times, the wrestler applying the hold would be awarded a submission fall.


Submission Mini-Game: Move your slider with Right Stick. If the attacker can overlap their slider with the defender’s for long enough, the defender will tap out.


An alternate “button mash” mini-game can be enabled in the Gameplay Options menu. this minigame is won by rapidly pressing the prompted button as fast as possible.


Hold both R2 (PS4) / RT (Xbox One) and X (PS4) / A (Xbox One) to lock your opponent in a submission hold.


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