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WWE 2K20 Submission Tutorial

Submission Tutorial

  • PS4: R2 (Hold) + X (Hold)


  • Xbox One: RT (Hold) + A (Hold)


When you’ve got your opponent in a submission hold, you must move your right analog stick in a circular motion (clockwise or counterclockwise). This will move the slider in the mini-game that pops up.


In the mini-game, the attacker controls the red slider and the defender controls the blue slider. The object is to fill the circle with your color, this is done by overlapping the other side’s slider. A glowing orb can be grabbed to either make it easier to make your opponent submit or to get out of a submission hold yourself.


The submission mechanics can be changed in the options menu. In this alternate version, during a submission hold, random buttons will appear and you must press the corresponding one; this must be done properly so as to outdo your opponent.


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