WWE 2K20 Weapon Controls

Weapon Controls

During many matches, we’ve seen wrestlers use various weapons against their opponents to gain either a fair or an unfair advantage over them. These weapons too are not of usual standards and most are constructed in a special way for the WWE.


In WWE 2k20 not all match types allow you to use weapons, but Extreme Rules, Ladder Matches, or a Triple Threat match will allow you to use a weapon without the referee disqualifying you. To get a weapon simply exit the ring and head to the side of it and press LB/L1. Your superstar will lift the apron cover and start to look for a weapon under the ring. You can then select if you want a chair, a baseball bat, a sledgehammer, a kendo stick, a ladder, or a table. The easiest ones to swing at an opponent are a chair and a bat, but you can do a few more spectacular things with ladders and tables.



Object and Weapon Controls

Pick Up Object:

  • PS4: L1


  • Xbox One: LB



Grab Object Under Ring:

  • PS4: L1 (Hold)


  • Xbox One: LB (Hold)



Object Attack:

  • PS4: Square


  • Xbox One: X



Alternate Object Attack:

  • PS4: R2 (Hold) + Square


  • Xbox One: RT (Hold) + X



Drop Object:

  • PS4: O


  • Xbox One: B



Throw Object Into/Out of Ring

  • PS4: O + Left Toggle (Any Direction)


  • Xbox One: B + Left Toggle (Any Direction)


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