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X4: Foundations – Infinite Money Cheat

2 December 2018, Sunday, 4:35:54

Infinite Money Cheat

Follow these steps;



1. Get onto the Game.


2. Go to in game settings.


3. Go to Game Options.


4. Make sure Compress Save is Off.


5. Open your Folder / File Explorer.


6. Click on Documents.


7. Click on EgoSoft.


8. X4.


9. # file.


10. Save File.


11. Right Click on any of you save files you want to edit.


12. If you have winrar or 7zip.


13. Right Click to extract File.


14. Right Click on the Exracted File then Use Note Pad ++ to open file.


15. Then on Top Left area Find Search then left-click it then hit FIND.


16. In Find Search for these Account Id= / Player Name= / Stat id=”money


17. In each of those put how much you want (999.999.999) etc.


18. Then Finally To Left again Find Save or Save all then close everything then go back to game load that Save File you edit and happy Shopping everyone.



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