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X4: Foundations – Useful Tips & Tricks

5 December 2018, Wednesday, 10:46:46

Useful Tips & Tricks

  • -Buy a docking computer for quicker docking. The Mk1 works if you are near the docking area and in the right orientation. Mk2 is super nice – You just have to get near the docking area and can be at any speed or orientation.



  • -Be careful not to upgrade your only ship at a station that doesn’t have enough resources. You could end up sitting there for hours.



  • -To get a quick lay of the land, ride a super highway (the strips of blue that look kind of like rivers in space). You just have to fly in to it to get on. It will take you on a giant loop of many sectors. The easiest way I’ve found to get off is to use stop engines.



  • -An easy way to get to max travel speed is to hold down boost for a bit and while still holding it down, switch to travel mode.



  • -An easy way to make money at the very beginning is to go to a trader, buy bandages, needles and seditives and use a crafting bench to create first aid kits. The same trader will buy the first aid kits back for a large profit. Going to just a few stations will earn you enough to buy a better ship or upgrade your current one.



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