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XCOM 2: War of the Chosen – New Mission Types

13 September 2017, Wednesday, 2:35:17


New Mission Types

THE LOST AND ABANDONED: Rival factions of the Resistance have agreed to meet. XCOM must broker an alliance to form a unified Resistance and take down the Chosen.

CHOSEN STRONGHOLD ASSAULT: Hunt down the Chosen through Covert Actions and battle them in the seat of their power.

GATHER SURVIVORS: Resistance Operatives are stranded in hostile locations and must be rescued.

RECOVER RESISTANCE: A Resistance VIP has become cut off in an Abandoned City full of the Lost and must be rescued.

CHOSEN RETALIATION: Protect a Resistance haven from an attack carried out by the Chosen.

CHOSEN AVENGER DEFENSE: The Chosen have located the Avenger and are in position to reclaim the Commander. XCOM must defend their base at all costs.

DESTROY TRANSMITTER: An ADVENT transmitter has been located and destroying it will severely damage their Psionic network. Relays found in the map can also be destroyed to buy more time to reach the transmitter.

SUPPLY EXTRACTION: ADVENT Supply crates are spread around the map. Tag them for the Skyranger to pick up before ADVENT can extract them.

NEUTRALIZE FIELD COMMANDER: An elite ADVENT Commander has been found in the field and must be taken out.

RESCUE OPERATIVE FROM ADVENT COMPOUND: Rescue soldiers captured by the Chosen from ADVENT jail facilities.

COVERT ACTION AMBUSH: At the end of a Covert Action, the Chosen may send enemies to ambush the soldiers. Run to the evac zone while avoiding fire.

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