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XCOM: Chimera Squad – Weapon Enhancements & Mods

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Weapon Enhancements & Mods

Weapon Enhancements

If you head over to Assembly, you will find that you can upgrade the weapons to their enhanced versions. Upgrading these weapons into their enhanced forms will increase the weapons damage and ammo clips, allowing you to deal more damage and reload less. However, this is not that simple. Apart from the 55 Elerium of upgrade cost, each upgrade takes full six days to complete. However, once done, you can undoubtedly reap the benefits.



Weapon Mods

Apart from the enhancements, you can also equip certain weapon mods on your guns to make them particularly more effective in specific departments. These weapon mods can be equipped and changed in the ‘Supply’ menu. Once there, you can choose your weapon and equip two different mods for it. A pre-requisite of equipping mods is the ‘Modular Weapons’ research in Assembly.


Acquiring mods is simple. You can find them in missions, earn them as rewards, or purchase from Assembly or the Scavenger’s Market. There is no confirmed source of acquiring these mods, so based on your luck, you will get these mods randomly. Apart from the base versions of these mods, you can get Advanced and Superior versions later in the game, which offers better bonuses of the same kind.


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