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Yakuza 6 – Playable Arcade Games

20 April 2018, Friday, 13:15:09

Playable Arcade Games

Walk into any Club Sega on the map to play arcade machines (officially called Basic Play Spots) that house full versions of classic Sega games! To play you can get credits in exchange for in-game Yens, so you’ll be able to play for a long time.



The full list of Arcade Cabinet games:

• Sega Retro Arcade Games include: Outrun, Super Hang-On, Space Harrier, and Fantasy Zone.


Virtual Fighter 5: Final Showdown – You can now play the latest version of Virtual Fighter 5 on PlayStation 4. There is a two-player mode, too.


Puyo Puyo – This also has a two-player mode.


Tip: Both 2-player mode games are also available from the title screen.

Note: How do you exit out of an arcade game? Simply press on the PS4 Touch Pad to get the option to exit.



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