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Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life – New Serena Roof Safe Codes

18 April 2018, Wednesday, 17:28:49

New Serena Roof Safe Codes

These codes were found by putting together pieces of code from Yakuza interactive comics after Sega gave these hints “Chapter 7: Look up above the tagging! – Chapter 8: Get to da choppa!! – Chapter 9: A: Safe in Haruka’s shadow B: Looking down on Kiryu – Chapter 10.”



To use these cheat codes, you first have to be in-game. Next, during gameplay make your way to the New Serena rooftop and between all the white airco units, you’ll find a big Hyper-Cash Box Safe. Interact with the safe to be prompted “Please enter a passcode.” Then close that window and a PlayStation 4 “Enter a code” window will pop up for you to enter the following passcode: “KP56VFA9MX2B7LH



After entering that passcode, the safe opens up and you’ll receive not only 1 million Yen, but also a Rainbow Bun (+500 XP to everything)!!



Note: With Yakuza 6 Patch 1.01, you get an additional Rainbow Bun in the cardboard box that’s inside New Serena (or the Navy Apartments).



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