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Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life PS4 Cheats

18 April 2018, Wednesday, 17:35:30

PS4 Cheats

Unlocking Special Characters 

Once you reach a certain point in Chapter 5 you will unlock the Clan System in Yakuza 6. You can then use the different systems involved. If you speak with Masao, the guy in the yellow jacket, you get the opportunity to enter a Clan Code. This unlocks a special character that you can add to your clan.


Akiyama: AdreamingAkiyama
Common Daigo: M5BXOKQRSIELV19D
Common Date: UVHVD2H7WI95GHNL
Common Goro Majima: T2OMQ7FM5KBJPOUR
Common Kazuma Kiryu: S66X7BAQN4ECAEE9
Common Saejima: VRJR9A7SX9Z6MMTV
Common Satsuki: PNJTEF9STVONK4U9
Daigo Dojima: the6thheadofTojo
Evil: BinwanProducer00
Hiroshi Tanahashi: MisterTokyoDome0
Jo Amon: 7R30M9ZDUH0MJIA1
Katsuyori Shibata: shibatagotosleep
Kazuchika Okada: RainmakerMrOkada
Komei: blackpantskoumei
Kushida: 0Banshee0Muzzle0
Makoto Date: detectivemanDate
Onomichio: 3QXI6YIGSH03DETX
Satsuki: mystrymansatsuki
Tetsuya Naito: ELingobernable00
Toru Yano (R): TheSupernovaRana or TheSupernoveRana
Yuji Nagata: NagataLockNagata



New Serena Roof Safe Codes

These codes were found by putting together pieces of code from Yakuza interactive comics after Sega gave these hints “Chapter 7: Look up above the tagging! – Chapter 8: Get to da choppa!! – Chapter 9: A: Safe in Haruka’s shadow B: Looking down on Kiryu – Chapter 10.”

To use these cheat codes, you first have to be in-game. Next, during gameplay make your way to the New Serena rooftop and between all the white airco units, you’ll find a big Hyper-Cash Box Safe. Interact with the safe to be prompted “Please enter a passcode.” Then close that window and a PlayStation 4 “Enter a code” window will pop up for you to enter the following passcode: “KP56VFA9MX2B7LH

After entering that passcode, the safe opens up and you’ll receive not only 1 million Yen, but also a Rainbow Bun (+500 XP to everything)!!

Note: With Yakuza 6 Patch 1.01, you get an additional Rainbow Bun in the cardboard box that’s inside New Serena (or the Navy Apartments).


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