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Yomawari: Midnight Shadows – Charm Guide

25 October 2017, Wednesday, 15:40:42



You can carry one charm at a time, an each has an unique property.

Blue Ribbon: No effect, a.k.a useless
Broken Charm: Carry more Pebble
Stuffed Doll’s Right Arm: Run a little longer
Old Jade Bead: Carry more Coin
Picture Diary: Firefly lasts longer
Emblem of Courage: Sometimes run faster
Catfish Whiskers: Stamina recovers a little faster
Brown Puppy: After clearing the game, there are specific locations on the map where Mr. Yomawari can suddenly spawn and capture Haru to the factory in the old town. There locations include: In front of Haru’s house, the bridge, graveyard or road to another town. (might be more)
Having the puppy to go with you will completely nullify this, and you will not be captured by Mr. Yomawari.
Centipede Charm: Carry more Salt
Small Flower: Enemy will more slower under the light.





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