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Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Achievement Guide

22 July 2017, Saturday, 0:35:27


Achievement Guide
This guide should help you get all the achievements in this game.

Greener Pastures
You get this one through the main story line right at the beginning after you arrived on the island.


Old McDonald
You get this one through the main story line.


Green Thumb
Plant a tree. Either you find soil on the ground where you can put seeds in or you chop down a tree and trunk to get a soil.


Adopt an animal. You get this one during a quest after you built your first farm. Give an animal something it likes and it follows you. Then you walk on your farm and there you can adopt it, provided you built the right pen (small/large) for it.


This ain`t no drill
You get this one after you obtained all tools in the game. You will come across them during your exploration and talking to the NPCs.


The Apprentice
Join one of the Guilds ingame.


Happy Happy
On the left side of the map you see the current happiness level of the biome. Just clear murks, plant trees, find sprites etc. until the biome is happy.


Fishy Love Story


Treasure Island
You need to open 15 Treasure Chests for this achievement. Quite simple if you explore the map. There are many more, so no need to worry.


Hoarders Anonymous
Completely fill your backpack fo the first time. You will get this while playing the game and gathering stuff.


I ain`t got time
Hire someone who helps on the farm. As soon you got your first farm, there is a second symbol on most NPCs head. Now you can give them food (Mushrooms, Cooked Fish etc.) and their happiness level will go up from 0% to 100%. If you reach 100% you get the option to send them to one of your farms as a worker. Do that for the first time and you get the achievement.


It’s not a competition but I’m winning
East of the first town you will come across a lake where you find an NPC. He will ask you to participate i a fishing competition. Do that and catch at least 6 fishes during the 3 minutes.


Master Class
After you succesfully joined a Guild, you need to craft Guild items with a total worth of 1000 to get the Masters Badge and this achievement.


A Fishy Collection
You need to catch all different fish.


I’m your #1 fan!
You will encounter Violet in the first Town. She talks about an Epic Joke that she wants to find. Now you must find and talk to her in every major Town until she finds her Epic Joke.

In Bobbintoff (Hearthwind Vale) she stands right at the ramps to the southern part of the town. When you walk from the Tanner right east.

Wimblewick (Sunderwind Vales) in front of the gate to the harbor.

Inglenook (Shivering Plains) she is standing under one of the bridges.

Cinderton (Numino Peak) before going through the gates into Cinderton, she’s standing right at the entrance of it.

Mocha Bay (Crestfall Coast) between two bushes that is right near the clothing shop

Akuna Oasis (Radiant Sands) she stands near the well that is located on the right side of the village once you walk through the long cave.

Arbre Ridge (Dapplewood Forest) she is near the entrance standing kinda next to the notice board.


Mad Skills
Get the Masters Badge in every Guild. Look at the Master Class achievement for how it is done.


Twinkle, twinkle
Find every constellation.


Motor On
You get this automatically when doing the main storyline.


Ice to meet you
You get this automatically when doing the main storyline.


Let’s go sailing
You get this automatically when doing the main storyline.


That was easy
You get this achievement automatically as you finish the main storyline.


Brown Thumb
As soon you have animals on your farm, they start to poop. Now just manually clean up 100 poops.
Attention: If you hire a farm hand, they will clean up the poop. So be sure to do this on a farm without an NPC.


It’s not a sprint
You will get this one while exploring the map. Just run around until this achievement plops up.


After you completed the main quest, you can talk to the old guy at this “castle” in Radiant Sands. He will give you a quest and if you complete it, you get this achievement.


Best place to do this is on the Numino Peak. Jump down from near the Sage Stone a glide for at least 15 seconds.

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