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Yooka-Laylee All Pagie Locations Guide

12 April 2017, Wednesday, 0:43:52


How to achieve all the pagies in Yooka-Laylee


Tribalstack Tropics (Pre-expansion)
When you first enter the world, travel up the path and take a left up the bridge, you should encounter a skeleton in a cauldron, talk to him, then beat the enemys that appear to receive your first pagie.





Travel toward the ruins where trowzer is located, to the right after the bridge is a cloud named nimble, beat him in a race to achieve your second pagie.




Past nimble you will see a small freestanding structure with a pagie locked up, on the wall there are 5 blocks that depict a different picture, you must find each picture on the ground and then ground pound the ones that mach the pictures on the wall from left to right within 20 seconds, (note you need to purchase ground pound from trowzer, which requires 30 quils)





Work in Progress.

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