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Your Smile Beyond Twilight Achievement Guide

24 June 2017, Saturday, 22:06:49


Story Related Achievements
There are a couple story related achievements that is impossible to miss.


Twilight Station
Watch OP for the first time.


Music Expert
Appreciation mode all music listen once.


Watch ED for the first time.


Collect all CG.


All pass mark
Pass the game.

After finishing the main story you will get all this achievements.



Save Related Achievements
There are 2 achievements related to save the game, here is what you need to do:


First Save
Save the game once.

For this one you must use the save option for the first time.


Occupy all archive places.


To get one you will need to save 1 time and then you must fill all the remaining slots (30), you can use the same save. And it should look like this.





IDLE and Final Achievement
There is only 2 achievements remaining at this point.


Diligent player
Game time breaks through 2 hours.


You must idle the game for 2 hours! Just start the main story* and let the game be there for 2h and the achievements will pop up.

* I’m saying to start the main story because i don’t know if being afk on menus will work, so better safe than sorry.


The Station master
Accomplish all above and get a platinum trophy.

When you get all the other 8 achievements this one will pop up.

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