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Yume Nikki Tips & Tricks

10 January 2018, Wednesday, 13:02:18


Tips and Tricks

-Pressing the “1”, “2”, or “3” keys may cause some interesting things to happen, especially with equipped Effects. Try it sometime!

-Pressing the “5” key will cause you to drop your equipped Effect. Just make sure not to lose it!

-If you press the “9” key, your player character with pinch her cheek. This is useful for waking up from the Dream World, especially if you get lost. This is also good for for a sore cheek.

-If something looks suspicious, interact with it! Remember, exploration is key to the game.

-Feel free to make friends. Play pranks on them!

-Sometimes, odd things can happen if you repeat certain things over and over. Try it out!

-You might find yourself in a dead end sometimes. If that happens, just pinch your cheek! You’ll wake up instantly.

-Don’t be afraid to just do something. Jump right into it.


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