Zafehouse Diaries 2 Achievements




Fully Loaded
Have 5 survivors all equipped with weapons and protection gear at the end of a turn.


Reckless Breacher
Execute 3 high-risk breaches during a single game.


Fresh Meat
Complete Safe as Houses, the tutorial scenario.


Zombie Killer
Kill 100 zombies.


Safe Havens
Have 3 locations fortified at the same time during a single game.


Bury the Hatchet
Redeem a survivor.


Modify 15 items.


Zombie Slayer
Kill 500 zombies.


Reckless Investigator
Execute 3 high-risk investigations during a single game.


Trap Happy
Place 50 traps.


Into the Mist
Walk into the fog outside the general store.


Bait and Switch
Let the Piper use a survivor as bait to lure zombies away.


Zombie Destroyer
Kill 1000 zombies.


Gossip Ghoul
Spread 10 rumours.


Party Time
Crack open some booze at the Pub.


Guinea Pig
Get experimented on at the hospital.


Good Samaritan
Help someone who comes knocking at the Church.


One Man Army of Darkness
Breach a location alone and kill 15 zombies in one fight using a custom survivor named “Ash Williams” with a custom weapon called “Chainsaw” or “Boomstick” equipped.


Movable Feast
Release the farm animals or turn them into food.


Hidden Knowledge
Enter the archives at the library.


Tinker with some arcane equipment.


Rock and Roll
Take the school bus and drive across town.


Last 21 days in either the Night Life or No Survivors scenario without losing a survivor. Custom games do not count.


Complete the Deadline scenario without losing a survivor. Custom games do not count.


Complete all scenarios. Custom games do not count.


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