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Zelda: Link’s Awakening Rupees Farming Guide

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Easy Crane Game

The Crane Game is a mini-game in Mabe Village. It contains many useful items, including extra rupees, heart pieces, secret sea shells, and all the missing figurines for the village. There are always five random items in the Crane Game, called the “Trendy Game”. The hardest items to get are on the top two moving conveyors. It costs 10 rupees per attempt, and you can obtain all items using the following trick. To get the item on the top-right conveyor, hold X to move the crane up as far as it will go. Hold A to move the crane as far right as it will go. Continue to hold A so the crane does not go down. Release A before the top-right conveyor goes as far left as it can go and begins moving back toward the top-right corner. To get the item on the top-left conveyor, hold X to move the crane up as far as it will go. Tap A just as the top-left conveyor stops and begins moving left after reaching its right-most point. If timed correctly, you will almost always get a reward. If you are too quick or too slow, you may slightly miss grabbing an item. If the item drops out of position, it is recommended to just leave the store and come back in to reset the item position. Unless the item rolls off the conveyor entirely, you may get a stationary item.


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