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Console Commands

Before any other cheat command can be used, cheating mode must be enabled. This is done by typing /cheat in console in singleplayer, or !cheats in multiplayer. The ingame chat is the console. Open with hitting the `return` or `enter` key. If you want to enter a command into ingame chat, you must add a /


  • If !cheats fails to work, makesure ally/spectator chat mode is off (remove the a: or s: prefix)


Entering the command again disables cheat mode.




  • /atm – Gives 1,000 metal and energy to the entering player’s team.


  • /godmode – When enabled, any player (including spectators) can give commands to units on any team.


  • /nocost – Enables/disables building everything for free and near-instantly.


  • /destroy – Instantly destroys currently selected units.


  • /team – Switches control the selected playerteam (multiple playerteams make up an allyteam, of which there are usually two in a game).


  • /give [optional number] [optional team number] [optional coordinates] – Spawns a given number of units at the location of the mouse cursor (or given coordinates). Can also be used to spawn features, e.g. wreckage.


  • Unit names are the machine-facing identifiers rather than the human names, e.g. cloakraid for the Glaive. Unit names can be found on GitHub or in the source of the unit’s page on the wiki. Wrecks and debris of a unit typically have the same name, but with the _dead or _heap suffix, respectively.


  • If no team is specified, will give to the player’s current team, or the team currently being spectated.


  • Coordinates are given in the format @xxx, yyy, zzz.


  • /luarules give – Spawns one of each multiplayer unit and building (sorted by the factory) in the top-left corner.


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