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Dead Cells Zone Progression and Levels Guide

14 May 2017, Sunday, 18:10:42


A little infographic about zones and routes to them together with their assigned levels in Dead Cells.

Zone progression and levels
In the picture below you can see all possible routes through the zones in Dead Cells. Green “V” means that you need a Vine Rune unlocked to access this route, red “T” means that you need a Teleportation Rune unlocked.

Level of the zones means that weapons and skills that are found, dropped from enemies or bought from vendor across the zone will have this level. Exceptions to this rule:
-In the Prisoners’ Cells (starting zone) vendor will sell level II items
-Elites drop +2 levels to that of the zone
-Items found in chests and behind the golden doors have +1 level to that of the zone

Note: Click image to view full size.


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