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Thimbleweed Park Keyboard Shortcuts Guide

31 March 2017, Friday, 19:19:23


List of available keyboard shortcuts.

Note: These shortcuts DON’T WORK when CAPS LOCK is activated.(as of build 1291.844)


O: Options
Space Bar: Pause
Number Keys (1, 2, 3, 4, 5): Switch between characters
Open Bracket: Volume down
Close Bracket: Volume up
. (dot): Skip dialog
ESC: Skip cutscene
CTRL+S: Save
CTRL+L: Load
CTRL+Q: Quit




Q: Open
A: Close
Z: Give
W: Pick up
S: Look at
X: Talk to
E: Push
D: Pull
C: Use




Up/Down Arrows: Move between lines
Enter: Select Line

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