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Worlds Adrift Tips and Tricks with Shipbuilding

6 July 2017, Thursday, 23:28:18


Tips and Tricks with Shipbuilding
-Don’t try to overlap parts (apart from panels) as it won’t work
-Be aware of your weight and maximum Atlas Core capacity, don’t go over the limit without being able to craft an extension.
-Engines need Power Generators to run, but they will automatically drain fuel from them, no connection is needed.
-You can have more than 1 Power Generator to increase your fuel capacity
-More wings will increase your turn speed and maximum roll/pitch
-More engines will increase your speed, up to a point where they’ll be diminishing returns with the weight vs. the power
-Your choice of metal/wood has a profound difference on the stats of your components, chose carefully.
-If you mess up the frame you can “Salvage Frame” to reclaim a portion of the frame and deck cost.

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